Monday, July 12, 2010

Got Fish?

We just adopted (or rescued) :P two gold fishes from the Satriya's home. We named them "Endut" & "Kuyus" - not that creative I know. They are just fish after all. So please welcome our our first (probably last) pets.

Now, every time we're about to go out Max will say, "Bye Fish!"
When he is going to sleep, he will say, "Night fish!"


  1. Survive juga tuh ci ga dikasih makan 2 malem =D

  2. waaaahhhh... how fun... kepon mala baru kasih dia punya gold fishes ke animal care gara2 di tinggal 3 bulan ga tau mo titip sapa... harusnya titip cici yaaa....

  3. @Fonda: iya Fon makan rumputnya mungkin :P
    @Irene: yach telattttt