Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Banana Chocolate Muffin

If April was hard on me physically, May was hard on me emotionally. I have to say good bye to my mom and my dear sister in Christ, Nana who went back to Indo for good. Maxie loves his dear silly aunty. Even 'till now whenever I make silly faces he will say, "Mama looks like auntie Nana. Aunty Nana so funny ya. Aunty Nana is gone to airport" :((

Before she left, she kindly stop by our place for a few times just to spend time with us. We made this Banana Chocolate Muffin together one day when she came. The recipe came from auntie Bertha, which can be found here. I just added cheddar cheese on top of mine. She is one detail oriented and amazing baker so rest assured all of her recipes are well tested and super delicious. Thank you for sharing the recipe, Kudhe!

We miss you so much aunty Nana :((


  1. omg cici i cried reading thiss... i miss you guyss so much! miss hanging out at your placeee T.T

  2. I was crying to when I wrote that post :((