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Patient & Gentleness Series:
Cleaning & Organizing

How to clean burnt sugar on an oven 

Trader Joe's 99 cents wine bag

How we eliminate paper clutter 

Non toxic all purpose cleaner

Homemade Foaming Hand Soap

How to clean burned pot

Order from chaos 

How we live during kitchen renovation

Line Drying in a Small Space

Cooking & Baking

Ice Cream Making Tips

Cooking & Baking w/ Kids

Cooking Egg w/ Stainless Steel

What motivates me to cook

Menu Plan


Honey for Allergy

We are what we eat
Handling Cough

How we handle stomach flu

Three Other Uses of Nursing Cream Heatpad

Twelve Things I Would Tell My Newlywed Self

The way he loves me

Writing Love Letters

Loving our marriage enough to protect it

Parenting/ Teaching

Five best parenting advises

Teaching kids to do things themselves

Having the courage to climb

A love for learning 

Consistent Training

How to handle life w/ newborn & toddler

Reminder for parents of young kids

Different Learning Styles

Max's Preschool Learning Plan

How we do potty training

Parenting Lesson from Max

Montessori Inspired Learning Space

Blanket Time

Max Can

Tips for teachers

The better question 

Learning in love the preschool years

We use this to protect our kids online:

Personal Finance

Personal Finance 101

Oh the joy of giving

Lesson from American Cheapest Family

10 Things We Don't Buy/ Pay

10 Things We Spend Extra Money

Frugal Lesson from a billionaire

Marriage & Spending

Tax Filing Made Easy

We cannot outgive God

Money and Life Letters to My Grandchildren

Organize Financial Documents

Personal Finance 101

Lesson on Contentment: Learning to say No to ourselves


Food Photography


Under water camera



Stop Waiting for the Perfect Time

Time Management Lessons from Prof. Randy Pausch
Time Management Resources

Effective Multitasking

Traveling Tips

Making trip with little ones enjoyable

Using Packing Cubes

Our Favorite Carry On for International Flight

Before the trip check list

Packing List

Other Good Packing Tips