Thursday, January 7, 2016

Low-Tech Toys

We limit screen time for the boys to 30 minutes a day so I often heard they said, "What should we do now, ma?" once they're done with their screen time and still have some free time. So thought I made this Low-Tech Toys List for my 7 and 4 years old boys and print them out that way I can just point them to it whenever they ask me that question.

You can download the full size resolution HERE

Reading/ writing

Drawing/ coloring/ painting

Biking, click here to read how we teach the kids biking two wheels bike.

Ball games: soccer, basketball. We use this indoor basketball hoop

Playing tag


Playing Light sabers/ sponge swords

Indoor Fabric Frisbee. DIY instruction can be found HERE

Cars/ Trains/ Toy animals

Card games/ UNO

Memory Games

The kids were working on this world puzzle.

The boys enjoy this wooden clock and

pattern blocks when they were toddlers/ preschoolers:
Lego/ Blocks

We had these colorful wooden blocks for years and the boys never get bored with them.

Magna Tilesthis one cost a fortune so we waited and save for year before buying one and it's worth it especially if you have kids who like to build.

Traffic Jam/ Rush Hour

We all love this board games including the man of the house


Home Playdough recipe can be found HERE, / Kinetic Sand

Cooking/ Baking

Do you other recommendation of low-tech toys that we should add on the list? Please let me know in the comment. Thank you. 

Favorite Toys

Memory Game

Boggle Jr.



Wood Blocks

Wooden Clock

Pattern Blocks & Boards

Chutes & Ladders

Kinetic Sand


Magna Tiles

Geo Puzzle

Light Saber


Rush Hour




Indoor Hoop



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