Kitchen Tools I Love:

Kitchen Aid 5-Quart Mixer

This is not a must but it is super nice to have to make chiffon cake, tiramisu, and cookies 


After breaking 3 blenders in 10 years, we decided to get Blendtec. We love it so far. Very powerful and has 8 years warranty. 

Omega Juicer

We recently replace our cheap juicer with this one. This juicer extracts more juice, takes less space, quieter, and easier to clean.

Cuisinart Pots and Pans

We are slowly replacing our old pots & pans with Stainless Steel ones.

Instant Pot
We recently replaced our slow cooker and pressure cooker with this guy. Love the fact that we can get a good broth in an hour or two. 

Corelle Dinnerware

They are chip and break resistant - a must if you have kids 

Zojirushi Rice Cooker

 The first food my kids learn to cook: rice!

Electric Kettle

The most used item in my kitchen

LeCreuset 5qt Dutch Oven

If I can only have one pot this will be it.

French Press

Coffee Grinder

Ice Cream Maker

I recently upgraded to this ice cream maker with freezer. 

Zojirushi Breadmaker

This has been a life saver for my hands and kitchen aid from not having to knead a bread dough. 

Under-the-sink-pull-out-trash can

I love not having to see a trash can in middle of my kitchen

Food Processor

Kitchen Aid - Noodle/ Pasta Maker

Wooden Spatula

Whisk Set 

Silicon Baking Liners



for scooping ice cream and cookie dough

Garlic Press

This is a must for ice cream making

Measuring Spoons

Perfect Size Rolling Pin


        Very useful for bread making

Digital Kitchen Scale 

A must have for baking

Pizza Stone

Pastry Cutter 

I use this to make the crust on moon cake and pie crust

Muffin Pan


Non-stick and oven safe pans

The Perfect Scoop

Where I get my ice cream recipes

Baking Sheet Pan

Mixing Bowl Set

We have this for 10+ years. 
I use this for mixing and as double broiler for tiramisu

Glasslock Containers

Love this glass containers. The lids are more durable than the Pyrex's

Our Camera Equipment:

Nikon D7100

Tamron AF 28-75mm Lens 

Nikon 35mm Lens 

Plate to Pixel

My favorite food photography book

Photography Workshop Book 

Wireless Remote

Screen Protector 

Glass Filter 

Lens Brush 

Favorite Toys

Memory Game

Boggle Jr.



Wood Blocks

Wooden Clock

Pattern Blocks & Boards

Chutes & Ladders

Kinetic Sand


Magna Tiles

Geo Puzzle

Light Saber


Rush Hour




Indoor Hoop


Useful Baby Stuff

BabyBjorn Babysitter

Graco Infant Car Seat

Snap-N-Go' Stroller

I bought used one on craigslist

Maclaren Quest Stroller

We use this for 5+ years

bumGenius Cloth Diaper

Read how we do cloth diapering here

Adjustable Booster

We don't own high chair. This one works well for our small space.

Moby Baby Carrier

If your newborn like to be carried all the time like my second one, this one is a life safer.

Ergo Baby Carrier

The best carrier for bigger baby & toddler

Baby Play Mat

for tummy time, practice rolling, crawling, any kind of play or floor exercise

My Brest Friend Pillow

The best pillow for breastfeeding

Boppy Infant Head Support

help prevent flat head

Baby Monitor

Nursing Cover

You can sew one yourself

Born Free Bottles

Drying Rack

Nursing Cream

We call this "magic lotion" in our home because of its many uses

Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child

My favorite sleep training book and I read about 20 of them. I am not kidding!

The Happiest Baby in the Block DVD

Very helpful resource for any new parents

My Boys' Favorite Books/ DVD

The Story for Little Ones

My First Sign

Our Animal Friends

My First Word Board Book

Where Is Curious George?

DVD: Letters Factory

The Runaway Bunny

Flip-a-Word books

What do People Do All Day

The Little Blue Truck

Elephant & Piggie Books

The Pigeon Books

A Fish Out of Water

Green Eggs and Ham

Big Book of the Berenstain Bears

Harold & the Purple Crayon

Little Boy After God's Own Heart

Little Engine That Could


Duck at the Door

There's No One I Love Like You

Best Storybook Ever!

You Are Special

Bob Books, Set 1: Beginning Readers

DVD: Green Eggs and Ham

Animal Life: Secrets of the Animal World 


Adventures of Peter Rabbit

The Beginner's Bible

Adventures of Curious George

Adventures of Little Nutbrown Hare

Children's Favorite Bible Stories

Best Nursery Tales Ever

20th Century Children's Book Treasury

Tikki Tikki Tembo

DVD: The Prince of Egypt

The Ugly Duckling

Good Deed Scouts Help...

George, Thomas, & Abe

The Velveteen Rabbit

Picture Book of George Washington

Fred and Ted Like to Fly

DVD: The Velveteen Rabbit

Dinosaurs: A Visual Encyclopedia

The Big Blue Book

Frog and Toad Together

Ten Thank-You Letters

Brushing Teeth Can Be Fun

Pig Will and Pig Won't

Mr. Duck Means Business

The Little Red Hen

Who Was George Washington

Who Was Thomas Jefferson

Who Was Ben Franklin

Who Was Anne Frank

My Favorite sites:
Bible Gateway
Experiencing God's Daily Devotion
My favorite inspirational blogs
My favorite podcasts
Free educational worksheets 

Max & Wes' Favorites' sites:
Starfall's Learn to Read with phonics
PBS Kids
San Diego Zoo- Panda Cam
VBS High Seas Expedition SongsVBS Kingdom RockVBS Weird Animals, VBS Panda Mania
Veggie Tales
Made by Joel