Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Flat Apple Pie inspired by The Pioneer Woman

Making an apple pie had been on my want-to-do-list for a long time. Thanks to The Pioneer Woman, I finally can make it. She never fails to inspired me. Whenever I am not in the mood of cooking all I have to do is browsing her recipe or watching her cooking videos.

The Ingredients
Peel the apples. I used Fuji apples.

While my sous chef work on the filling

I work on the crust with pastry cutter

Roll the crust, brush the top with eggs, and

bake in the oven at 375 degree F for about 40 minutes {I should have keep it 5 minutes longer}

then all we have to do is wait until it cools down {and keep poking to check if it's cool enough to be eaten. What else can one do while waiting right beside it?}

The excited look of my sous chef is when I told him it is ready to be eaten

Mission accomplished! 

You can watch Ree making the apple pie here.
Recipe can be found here. I didn't change anything except using less sugar and Fuji apples from the farmer market instead of Granny Smith {because I like Fuji better}. :)

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