Home & DIY

How I Chose My Sewing Machine
2016 Projects: 

Small House: After Renovation

Kitchen Remodel: Final Reveal

2015 Projects: 

DIY Fabric Banner

Bathroom: Final Reveal

Our 1000 Square Feet Home

Before & After Photos of Our First Home

2014 Projects: 

Bolster Cover

How to fluff stuffed animal

DIY: Sperm Whales

Sewing: Pajama Pants

Reversible Vest

How to patch a hole

Reversible Boy Vest #2

Useful Kitchen Art

Office Nook

2013 Projects:

Sewing Corner

Superhero Cape

Children Artwork Display

Pretty Tote

Devotional Diaper Cake

Easy Peasy Dinosaur Cake

Pillow Covers

Shoulder Heatpad

Fabric Covered Kitchen Mat

Kitchen Makeover Reveal

Subway Map Quilt

Painting Kitchen Cabinet and Wall

Planning a kitchen renovation

Chevron Pillow Cover

Ottoman Cover

Toddler Apron

Suspender & Bow Tie

Homemade Play Dough
Personalized Recipe Binder

Painting a chalkboard


Shark Tank Inspired Towel

Apron for Little E

Piano Cover for Joy

Hachiko's New Clothes


Chunky Pin Cushion

Homemade Christmas Ornaments

Nursing Pads


  1. ki you are so gifted! Sewing so hard deh for me. I think now I prefer to just marvel at the creations than trying to do them haha

  2. Maybe it's the machine :P but I agree each person is different knitting work, cake decoration, and scrapbook is too hard for me.