Friday, May 3, 2013

Shark Tank Inspired Towel

A few months ago I saw a great Beach Towel design on Shark Tank. Since I have plenty of towels {thanks to my mom who always brought some when she came to visit us} I decided to make two for the boys. All I did was joining by sewing together two medium size towels except the middle part that way the head can get in.  For the neckline, I use elastic for Wes' towel and cute monkey button for Max:
Now I no longer hear my boys screaming: "MAMAAAA, my towel is falling."

Oh how I love these cute chubby feet:


  1. are those wes' chubby feet? bikin gemessss ...

    1. iya. Those pics were taken last year. They're a little bigger now but thankfully still chubby :D