Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Piano Cover for Joy

Finally, I am able to finish this project. :) It's been more than a year since I told my gifted piano player and dear friend Fonda that I would make the cover for Joy. I couldn't find a piano cover tutorial but found this one instead. After working on it bit by bit, 5 minutes at a time here and there, it's finally done. Yay!!!! :)

I think it looks better with cute baby on it

Of course two is better than one:

Enough playing, it's time to wrap the gift and give it for the sweet auntie:

I think it looks good on Joy:

Closer looks:


  1. looks GREAT!!!! you should consider making it a business ki!!!

  2. :) the customer got to be very patient having to wait one year before their order is done.

  3. wuaaaahhh joy is now warmmm :D