Apron for E

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

About two months ago, my sweet friend, Joyce and her family gave me the apron below. I thought it's very pretty but I already have an apron. You see I usually only have one of most things {except for clothes and shoes of course} like: sunglasses, swimming wear, winter coat, wallet (my wallet is the same since 14 years ago), but then I put it on, it makes me feel pretty and looking forward to cook and bake. I'm reminded of this post at WomenLivingWell about living beautifully.

Anyway, a little while ago I asked my friend if she wears apron when she cook, if so I would like to sew an apron for her sweet daughter. She said, "Yes", and thought her daughter will be 'over the moon' if she got an apron.  Months passed after our conversation, 'till one day I realized little E  birthday was just around the corner so I quickly laid down the pretty apron as sample, grabbed some fabrics, and cut them up:

I put on elastic on the neckline and added ruffles at the bottom.

The kindhearted little chef with her new apron:

the lovely bunch