Word of the Year

Monday, January 6, 2014

I have been seeing people posting about their word of the year lately. The truth is I never chose mine on the past but looking back I now see there are theme or lesson that God taught me over those years

2002-2003: Obey
I didn't plan to get married so young but Chris and I knew for sure that was God's timing for us. Being a people-pleaser; I was worried on what would people think. Thankfully, we followed God's leading. Listen, Obey, and Be Blessed was a phrase Max's learned on his Chinese School this year and we learned it to be true again and again.

2004-2007: Pray, Yield, Patient, and Trust
These were the years when we were praying and waiting for a child.

2008-2009: Count Your Blessing and Give Thanks
My first years as a mom and I learned how much I need His grace and mercy every morning.

2010 was the year when I had a bleeding during my second pregnancy and forced to Slow down.

2011: I still remember how little sleep we got this year. In his early months, Wesley woke up every two hours. I learn to prioritize. I stopped blogging, sewing, and say no to many things. That year, I changed the blog name to Choosing to Cherish

2012: Grace
I learned a lot about Grace this year: accepting, forgiving, and letting go. Giving grace to myself and others. I am reminded to love others as Christ loves this messy, sinful, and undeserving me. 

2013: Embark
After many years of exploring, praying, and wrestling with God, we officially began our homeschooling journey last year. We are oh so very grateful for the privilege and freedom to educate our children and learning along their side.

And this year, I am choosing to

Embrace the people, adventure, challenge, and lesson that He has en-stored for me.

Yesterday is gone. 
Tomorrow has not yet come. 
We have only today. 
Let us begin!” Mother Theresa