Oprah's Christmas Kindness

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Last weekend we watched Oprah Winfrey Christmas edition on TV. She distributed Christmas gift to the children in South Africa. The children were so happy to receive those gifts of books, toys, school bags, etc. About 5000 children received Christmas gift from Oprah. 

I told Chris, "Whoa... this is like Operation Christmas Child ( the program that our church participate)" to which Chris replied: "No...this is nothing compare to that. Operation Christmas Child is HUGE because it's done by churches around the world." 

Chris was right. This year only Operation Christmas Child distributes 7 million shoe boxes filled with gifts for the needy children around the world. One person can make a difference indeed but when God's people join hands working together, we can make a HUGE difference. 

"Live in harmony with one another; be sympathetic, love as brothers, be compassionate and humble."
1 Peter 3:8


  1. Good Day...Although I'm many years late, I'm responding to your post nonetheless!!! First I think it's absolutely wonderful that you and your family are involved in such a ministry to impact so many lives. I too agree with your sentiment...one finger can do a something great...but the fist can pack a powerful punch into this great society of ours!
    Secondly, after seeing O's xmas Kindness Christmas of 2006, God literally injected something into my veins that i could not get rid of...it propelled me to not only make a difference in my life and the lives of others, but to find one little girl that was featured during that show! I had no idea how my life would change in that moment, but now 7 years later, I find myself relishing in the beauty of South Africa, and not only has it changed my life, but changed that little girls life that God propelled me to find! She is now 20 yrs old, and I am her 'mum'! It's a miracle how it all came together! But i'm eternally grateful for that xmas kindness show, the efforts of all those who were involved! And I hope it inspires others to do what we may not be able to do as a single individual, but we can as a collected body!!! Thank you for sharing your story!! And my brother just gave me the scripture 1Peter 3 yesterday! Grateful for the confirmation!! God bless...Keep well! Cree Barbee

  2. I sent a very lonnnng reply to your post!! And some how POOF! Or so i think! Please advise before i repost my comment!!

    thank You

  3. Hi there,

    Yes... yes... I got your previous comment and just published it. What an inspiring story. Thank you for your heart and for sharing.