Friday, March 7, 2008

Ingredients and direction:

1. Laksa Instant seasoning Munik brand stired fried with a little bit of minced shallot and garlic.
2. Put in the chicken (1 whole chicken hen, cut into pieces) + chicken broth (1 can) + water ('till the chicken soaked)
3. Put in the rest of the stuff that you want: potatoes, carrot, babat (english =?), tofu, etc
4. Add boiled egg, coconut milk (1/2 can), sweet soy sauce (as you like), & fried shallot. Then add in 5. Add vermicellis (boil separately then add in to the soup or serve separately).
6. Add kafir lime leaves, lemon grass, chili to the soup
7. Eat with lemon, fried shallot, krupuk udang