2nd Month's Shots

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Kita pergi ke dokter minggu lalu for Max's 2nd month check up.

At 2 months he weight: 10.08 lbs (= 4.5 kg) & length: 22.5 inch (= 57.15 centimeter)
He got two shots. He was supposed to get 4 shots but fortunately, starting a week ago the doctor use one shot for three immunizations. Fiuh.... thank you Lord. 
The nurse asked whether we want her to give the shots in one thigh or both thighs. Chris thought let's do it on both thigh to balance the pain. =( Poor baby, he got two sore thigh instead one. Sorry Max! We’ll do all in one thigh next time.  
He got a little fever the next day but he's back to his normal self after sleeping and taking Tylenol.