Almost 5 months

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The mother of three boys that I used to babysit wrote: "It is hard to believe when they are little and they will not allow you to sleep all night, that one day they will be so big and independent, and that it will happen so quickly." true it is. Max grows so fast... too fast.... he's very active. Rolling left and right whenever we put him down. Cooing a lot. He understand social play - will laugh out loud when we play peek-a-boo with him.

O... he can hold his bottle all by himself now. We just need to put him down and position him then he'll drink 'till he finish the whole milk. Check this out.

He has this small blankie (it was suppose to be a burb cloth) that he used as his comfort thing before he went to sleep. He will play with it and chew it until he get bore and go to sleep on his own. He has been sleeping by himself without us holding him since he was 2 1/2 months. Anyway... lately... he like to cover his face with his blankie before he goes to sleep, which scare us to death. However, whenever we take the blankie off his face, he will wake up and cry. So we compromise: we put the blankie back just enough to cover his head and eyes. Then off he goes to the dreamland again.... silly baby.

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  1. lucu bgt suka nutup muka pake blanket. pinter bgt bisa pegang botol susu sendiri dan minum mpe habis.

    He is such an easy going baby ya bisa tdr sendiri gt sejak 2.5 bulan, wow, thank God banget pasti ya