Another answered prayer

Saturday, March 21, 2009

I sent this e-mail to my small group sisters about a month ago; asking them to pray for me because I felt exhausted.


As you know I started working part time from home since about a month ago - just to help out during tax season. I wish I can say everything is fine; that I enjoy to be able to work and stay at home; that I manage everything well, etc, but it's not. I still got the work done, while taking care of Max, cooking, etc but I am very tired at the end of the day. And my poor husband has been the victim of my frustration.

I have a long quiet moment with God last night. I was telling Him how tired & frustrated I feel with Chris who keep coming home late due to his work; not doing thing the way "I" want it to be done, etc...etc.... It was raining hard last night. God reminded of Proverbs 27:15 "A quarrelsome wife is like a constant dripping on a rainy day." I can imagine how annoying I must have been. :-(

God then show me that I am the one who has been sinful. I can sleep earlier but I chose to stay up late; I can focus on working but I often I browse around; I can say "No" or " I can't" when my boss giving me more workload but I said "that's fine" instead. He reminded me that I am Chris' helpmate instead of the other way around and I need to get my priority straight. Please pray for me.

The night after I sent the above e-mail, I read the book " And Then I Had Kid." Somehow (God answered prayer :-)) the chapter I read was about coping with fatigue. The author wrote about the important of attitude and action. Besides having the right attitude, I have to do something to cope with my tiredness. And she suggested: proper exercise and rest. I did it on Friday and felt SO much better afterward. Thank God and thank you for "listening" to my sharing. :-)

Since then, I have been trying to walk around the neighborhood everyday. It's not always possible due to the cold weather. My sisters were not only prayed for me but they often stopped by to take care of Max while I work or walk him out; and borrowing him during the weekend. Thank you so much sisters for being God's answer to my prayers.