Monday, March 16, 2009

Max was coughing and had runny nose last week. So Max and I stayed at home so that we won't spread the virus to other kids at church. I listened to a very good online message by C.J. Mahaney titled: Gospel Centered Parenting. It can be download for free here.

We got a postcard from the church nursery today. It says:
"Maxi, We didn't see you on Sunday & we missed you. We hope everything is okay with you. Please join us again next week, okay."

Ci Rini is too nice. She can just write me an e-mail instead of having to hand write the postcard and mail it to us. Thank you for the postcard, Ci!

I wrote an e-mail to her:

Auntie Rini,
Thank you for the postcard. Max was coughing & had a runny nose so I stayed at home with mommy. I asked mommy to write you a postcard back but she is too lazy so she just write this e-mail from me to you. I am feeling much better already so I'm pretty sure I'll see you, Uncle Paul, and Ci2 E again this Sunday.

PS: I attached my photo in case you miss me too much. :-)

Much love,