Be Mindful

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Quote on Motherhood taken from Carolyn Mahaney's message on a Mother Responsibilities that can be download and listened for free here.

"Our ultimate purpose as Christian parents are not to raise our children to be happy/ fulfilled/ successful but to provide authentic and biblical instruction with tender love that they may receive the gift of Salvation and reflect the gospel to others."

"Before we do or say anything with, for, or at the presence of our kids, ask: "How will this affect their soul?"

I remember one Sunday after church. Ci Erni was going to buy new swimsuit for Mei Ik. I told her that Carter has some sale now and I just bought swimsuit for my niece but the cute ones are the two pieces one. She then replied that she only look for the one piece swimsuit because she doesn't want Mei Ik to get use to showing off her skin. What a wise mom. The day after, I immediately returned the very cute two pieces swimsuit that I just bought for my niece. :-P