Great Weekend

Friday, June 19, 2009

We have the privilege to host our cousins: Denny & Ing2 last week. We're blessed not only with 2 containers of delicious homemade nastar (which all gone now =P), Chinese flash cards for Max, gifts for me, but most of all their presence. Rarely we know someone for a short period of time and hit it off right away. Granted, Chris may shared a lot of his growing up years with Ing2 but I only met them 2 times on the past. I think common beliefs, values, and sense of humor have a lot to do with it.

I love this shot taken by ME =)... because it's candid and it captures the way this sweet couple loving each other. No... they are not newlywed. They got married the same year with us: 2002. Denny & Ing2 if you read this - It's such a blessing to have you both. Watching you two loving and interacting with each other is like breathing a fresh air. God is so cool. I have been pondering about Proverbs 31 lately. And through Ing2, God shows me what Proverbs 31's woman looks like in person. As a result I can see how " her husband called her blesse
d and praise her." - verse 28

We went to Monterey & Point Lobos (Yes... again - we love that place!) on Saturday, then San Francisco on Sunday. Max was being such a good boy. During the trip, he's either enjoying the view or sleep. Thank you, baby! We took hundreds of picture from the trip but I can only post a few.
All photos courtesy of me, Chris and Denny.

Good team work: daddy took picture while Max encouraged us to keep smiling.

The view from the top of the hills behind our home. No need to go to Twin Peaks- SF, people, just stop by at our place and you can have romantic night while enjoying the view of San Jose.

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