13 Months Max

Friday, September 4, 2009

At 13 Months, here is Max in his own words *if he could talk*:

Things I Love:
1. My doggie pillow - I refuse to fall asleep without it by myside. One afternoon my mom even let me sleep with it still soaking wet - straight out of the washing machine - I felt asleep 2 minutes after I have doggie in my arms.
2. Playing hide and seek with mommy
3. When daddy get home - that when the real FUN began

Things I Hate:
1. When mommy/ daddy leaves
2. When I am not allowed to enter the kitchen
3. When my parents don't allow me to sit on the desk and play with the computer. It's not fair they themselves play with it often.

People Who Make Me Laugh
1. Daddy
2. Koko Che Hung
3. Cici Mei Ik
4. Uncle Hari

Things I Love to Eat:
1. Stawberry
2. Banana
3. Milk

Things I Can Do:
1. Make mommy & daddy laugh.
2. Get kisses and attention from many pretty aunties.
3. Scream, kick, and cry when I don't get my way

Things I Cannot Do:
1. Walking without my walker
2. See my grandparents regularly
3. Sit still