Sunday, September 13, 2009

Max is sleeping right now. Our phone has been ringing because we didn't show up at church this morning. Thank you for your love & care! Max has not been feeling well since Thursday night. It started with coughing then he got a lot worse yesterday. He was coughing, having trouble breathing, having high fever, vomiting, watery eyes, fussy and poor appetite. We didn't do anything besides giving him lots of fluids and Tylenol for the fever, which he threw up. We didn't call Max's pediatrician because the office is closed on the weekend. The only option we have was to bring him to ER, which we didn't want to do at first that because normally people have to wait for hours before being served.

At 10:15 PM last night, Max was crying, awaken from his sleep. I checked on him and was shocked to feel how warm his body was. Chris took his temperature to find out the number: 104F (= 40 C). I called Ci Nani, our nurse friend and she told us to bring him to the hospital right away. So we rushed him to the hospital. The same hospital where he was born just over a year ago. Max threw up again in the car. I cried and prayed all the way to the hospital.

Thank God we didn't have to wait too long. My crying may have something to do with it besides the fact that baby with 104F temperature does requires emergency care.=P
The ER nurse gave him Tylenol rectal suppository, we didn't even know such thing exist, and it immediately lower his temperature.

We waited for about one hour in a room before an ER doctor came in to examine Max. He then ordered a chest x-ray and flu test for him. The x-ray machine for babies was very interesting. Max was put into a tube like this picture below. He wasn't happy off course.

Then we waited....and waited.... two hours later, the doctor came back with the result. The x-ray showed that Max has pneumonia, which is an infection deep within the lung tissue caused by a bacteria or a virus. Bacterial pneumonia will start to improve within two days on antibiotics and should go away in two weeks. The flu test came out negative but the doctor said he wasn't sure. He asked us to follow up with our pediatrician on Monday.

Max is doing a little bit better today. Still won't eat, coughing, runny nose, etc, but at least he can sleep. The medicine seems to work.
And, we give him the Tylenol rectal suppository whenever his temperature rise. Please continue to pray for us. Since pneumonia is contagious, we're advised not to take visitor unless we really need help. Plus, Max also need his rest/ nap as much as he can. Thank you again for your love and concern. Max is so blessed to have so many people care for him. Get well soon, Max. We love you and pray for you.


  1. Get well soon baby... Aunty Yeye will pray for you... =)

  2. get well soon baby maxie, i miss you :)