Almost 15 Months

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Hmm...where should I start? Max is growing so fast and absorbing things like sponge. He is communicating like a pro now (professional baby I meant). For example: when he wakes up and mommy still asleep, he'll pat and kiss me. If it's not time to wake up yet, I'll say "Umm...thanks, baby." then I'd go back to sleep. Knowing that didn't work, he'll then start shouting: "ma...Ma...MA...MAAA..." (increasing in volume ), which left this mommy with no other choice except to wake up.

When he is hungry he'll sign eat or say "mamam" (= eat) and start munching his mouth saying "yum..yum..yum..". I would then ask him, "Max mau mamam?" (= Do you want to eat?) and he'll answer "mauuuu" ( = I want). After he is done eating he'll do the sign for "all done" and shake his head when we keep giving him food. We are thankful that Max likes to eat. So much that we often remind him to eat slowly and chew his food first before swallowing it in. It feels like he "inhales" the food sometimes. He likes to see, touch, and stir his food before eating it. Meal time always messy that's way we give Max a bath after dinner.

The other day, he found a thread of my hair on the floor. I kneel down beside him and show him the rest of my hair. He looked at them and then put the hair on his hand back to my head. Hi..hi..hi...

He refused to drink water using a small glass or zippy cup, and opt to use our big glass instead:

Yup - that's my boy!

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