Visiting the Ostby in 2009 - Part 1

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

I just got the pictures today so pardon my late report. :P
We went to Arroyo Grande to visit The Ostby about a month ago during the US Labor Day. Read about our previous visit to learn more about them here. We just got their prayer letter not too long ago. They shared how the past few months have been very tough for them not only because Sue's condition got worse (Sue got Multiplesclerosis:, Dana accidentally injured his shoulder, which cause him a lot of pain. Thankfully, he just recently had surgery to fix that. So we thought it would be a good time for us to visit them since our food and presence usually bring so much joy to them. The truth is we were always be the ones who were more blessed whenever we go to visit them. They live about 3 hours away from our place. Joana, Hari, Ci Sukma, and Fonda wanted to go as well, so off we went together.

I should videotape Karis & Alisha's expression when she saw Kue Pepe. They were soooo happy. We cooked: krupuk goreng, pangsit & bakso goreng, gudeg. Thanks to Fonda's family who babysat Max, Chris & I were able to cook peacefully. :) Hari and Joan brought lodeh, sambal goreng, & kue Pepe. Ci Sukma baked: kue lapis & kue pandan while Ci Lily cooked ayam bumbu jeruk, and Yeye cooked bakmi goreng. We freeze some of the food for them to eat later but they are not the kind of people who can keep blessing for themselves. The day after we visit they invited their friends to come over and share the rest of the meal with them.

Us having lunch together with them.

There wasn't enough space on the dining table so Fonda and the kids ate "lesehan" at the living room table. Fonda mentioned to me on the way home how much she admired the children's faith. Whenever they talked, they always mentioned about God and how much He cares for them. They only 19, 17, and 14 years old but their maturity & faith is far beyond their years.

Max was having fun playing with Sue's walker. Due to her illness, Sue is no longer able to walk on her own. She had some stitches on her head due to falling. :(

Their home is very warm and cozy filled with love, laughter, and creativity. The above is what they called wall of quotes, where they put funny or encouraging words that they heard.

Sue's dad is an artist, who wrote children book & draw the illustration. We all enjoyed reading the creative stories & wonderful pictures. Such a creative family. Karis, the oldest one, was accepted at Biola University already but she chose to take some classes at nearby community college instead to help taking care of her mom.

Us outside their home. They have goats, chickens, cats, dogs as their pets. All of the pictures are the courtesy of Mr. Hari Rediawan.