Potty Training Update

Monday, November 23, 2009

Warning: Do not read if you don't want to read the gross detail about potty training business. :P

I started to potty train Max when he was about 7 months old. Since then, he has been pooping on the potty most of the time. It's easier and more convenient for me to clean up the poop from the potty compared to cleaning up his bottom - not to mention when it got stick. *I warn you, didn't I?* And I think it's more comfortable for Max too not having to "sit" in a dirty diaper.

Basically what we did was:
a. Observe his bowel movement's pattern. For Max, it's 2x a day in the morning & late afternoon.
b. Watch for his cues or signs when he's about to do it. For Max, he's usually on the crawling position, looking at us, then his face turned all red while trying to push.
c. Hurriedly take off his diaper and have him sit on the potty.
d. Read him books or have him watch something as we wait for him to do his "business".
e. Make it a big deal when he's able to do his "business" on the potty. We'll point the "result", praise him, and then let him flush his own pee/ poop. Now, whenever he's done pooping or peeing on the potty, he'll stand up, point to his poop/ pee, and say "Whoa...." while clapping his hands. :)

These past two weeks, Max started to "tell" me by pulling his diaper and shout "mi...mi...mi..mi.. (= help) whenever he's about to poop. I was so amazed that he actually went.
Chris told me what happened last week when I wasn't around, and Max was trying to "tell" daddy he's about to poop. Thinking he wanted to eat, Chris handed him snack instead. Knowing that daddy didn't get him. Max ran to the bath room himself, take out his potty and put it on the play mat, where he usually do his business. By then Chris realized Max was trying to tell him he was about to poop, which he later on did. Pretty amazing for a 15 months old, don't you think?

Just yesterday, Max & Chris were playing when suddenly Max farted. Thinking he was going to poop, Max hurriedly ran to the bath room to get his potty. Chris followed after him, brought the potty out, and have him sit on it. After waiting for a while... nothing came out. Turned out he thought his fart = poop hi...hi...hi...

Well done, Max! Mommy and daddy are so proud of you


  1. Ohhh .. this is a great story, Cie. What an accomplished baby boy! :-) You must be a really proud parent. :-)

  2. aunty nana also proud of you maxie :)

  3. Iya... thank your for loving Max, Aunties!