16 Months Max

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Here is Max's update at 16 months. I apologize for the long list. I suspect only me and the aunties-who-crazily-in-love-with-Max will read till the end. =P

Max is familiar with these songs, can do the movement, and sing little bit of the lyrics:
If you happy & you know it:
clap your hands, stomp your feet, say "Amen"
Twinkle2 little star

Jesus Loves Me
I'm in the Lord Army

He can say these words:
"minyum" (= minum) = drink
"pisss" = please
"Achu" = Thank You
"Hon" = honey
"Papa" = daddy
"Mama" = mommy
"mauu" = I want
"AB" = any letter

Baby = referring himself & other babies
"mamam..mamam".= eat
"bobok" = sleep
"eek" = to poop

"doggie" = Mr Doggie = his lovey bolster
"O...o..." when he drops something or something falls

"Duduk" = to seat
"up...up..." = stand up
"ya" = yes
"end" - When the microwave or oven beeps

He can finish our sentence.
Try these next time you see him:

Say, "Ha..ha..ha...," then Max will say "chi" = sneezing
Say, "Ready, set...," then Max will say "do" = go
Say, "I love....," then Max will say "youuuu"
Say, "Ciluk...., " then Max will say, "ba" = peek-a-boo

He understand a lot and can do many things on his own such as:
Point to his body part: head, tongue, belly button, mouth
Kiss - when we ask him nicely.
Go up & down the stair, sofa - all by himself
Open & close door, cabinet, drawer, toilet
Twist open any bottle or tube
Put things back - if we ask him nicely (see his eyes, use low tone voice)
Vacumm and mop the floor
Wave, Kiss Bye
Sign: "hi", "diaper", "sorry", "thank you", "diaper", "milk", "excited"
Send text messages! Yeye & Ci Siuli called me one day asking why they got empty messages from me. I knew immediately who did it: "MAX!!!!"

We went to our neighbor, Auntie Silvi's house the other day. They just gave birth to baby Nic. The baby was sleeping so I told Max to be quiet. The grandma then entered the room and talked in regular voice. Guest what Max do then? He said, "Psttt" with his index finger on his mouth *Oops* =P

Max "talks" all the time. I told Chris the only time he stop "talking" is when he sleep and poop.
I promised myself to learn the Chinese word of every single word that he learns. Mommy surely have a lot of catching up to do.

Everyday, Max never fail to amused and amazed us... such a precious gift from God indeed.
I wonder how people can look at a child and don't believe there is God, the Creator of us all.
Prayerfully many people will come to know and experience God's love, joy, and peace this Christmas season.

"For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life." John 3:16


  1. Haha, Aunty ketawa pas bagian sending text messages. Hahaha. Aunty kasih tau uncle Marcel. Trus Uncle Marcel bengong mukanya sambil geleng-geleng. Miss you, Maxie. Maxie kapan maen ke Aunty lagi, Sayang?

  2. thank you for sharing ci... i miss u and baby maxie.. ups.. i guess he is not a baby anymore =)

  3. He's such a darling. ;) Bacanya aja bikin gemes. Apalaghe ketemu ama max lgsng ya... ;)

  4. Yes I got text msg from Maxie... =) Kangen Max already ci... kapan dititipin di sini nya? =)

  5. @Yanny: soon ya
    @Irene: we miss u too auntie Irene A LOTTTTT
    @Astrid: Iya nich hopefully pengen ketemuan ama cute Koko Noah & Johan
    @Yeye: nti ya kalo aku jadi potong rambut :P