Happy Birthday, Na!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

@Max's birthday: August 2009

Today is our dear sister in Christ: Nana's birthday. Happy birthday, Na! We are celebrating you today. She is everyone's dream of a friend, sister, and daughter. Whenever anyone needs help, listening ear, or shoulder to cry on, she will be the first person to contact.

I knew Nana since I was just graduated from university and moved to San Jose. She was a freshman at college, a smart cookie, sweet girl with a kind heart, but very shy and timid. We grew together in small group since then. One of the lesson that we learned was to be Faithful, Available, and Teachable, which pretty much sum up Nana's character.

During her college years, she learned to play piano and started serving in worship team ever since. I heard people say we can't play piano if we don't learn it when we were small - well, she proved them wrong!

I was crying when I saw the skit at English Service Christmas Celebration last Sunday. The skit was not as grand or marvelous as those presented in big churches but it touched my heart deeply. As I turned my head around, I see the people who presented the skit, the people who sang at the choir, the people who greet us when we come to the church, and the people who planned and prepared the Christmas celebration. I know each one of them personally and I can see how God works and changes their life:
- The little girl who used to be in our children choir has grown up to be a sweet teenager who played the main character of the skit.
- Mr. E who used to slip off the church before the church end was singing at the choir.
- The college students who just came last Fall were part of the drama team.
- Then, I see Nana, the girl who use to say this words a lot, "Cici.... please pray for me, I'm afraid." was the one wrote the drama's script and directing the play. I'm humbled and thank God for the privilege to see her grow to be a woman after God's own heart.

Here is Nana's transformation over the years since I have known her. I think anyone who knows her would agree that she is not only getting prettier outside but inside as well.

@Our second wedding reception - 2002

Church - 2003

Yosemite - 2004

Father's Day - 2005

Nursing Home - 2006

Nana's birthday - December 2007

Mother's Day - 2008

Happy birthday, auntie Nana! We love you so much!!!

"A sweet friendship refreshes the soul." Proverbs 27:9 - The Message


  1. wuahhhhh thank u cici, i was crying when i read thissss i loveee youuu, thankkk you for all the prayerss :) <3

  2. Nya-Nya ... happy birthday Nya-Nya .. Liat fotonya Nana sama Ci Kiki pas Nana masih freshman .. LUCUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU. Ci Kiki mah ga rubah. Nana mah makin ayu euyyyyyy.