Monday, February 1, 2010

Since I was little, I always love babies and kids. I like to kiss, hug, pinch their cheek, hear them talk, see them laugh, and so on. Kids fascinate me. When I was in college once in a while my pastor and his wife would ask me to babysit their kids so that they can have a date. They would write me a check to compensate for my time but I won't cleared it, because I feel they were the one who do me a favor by allowing me to spend time with their kids. :)

Now that I have a kid on my own, I just realized what a huge blessing it is to have others we can trust to watch the kid once in a while. We are so thankful for our friends who love Max so much and often offer to babysit him.

One evening around 6 PM Chris and I were both exhausted and desperately need a nap. I didn't sleep well the night before and Chris has to go back to work that night. We knew it would be impossible for us to rest with our-widely-awake-1-year-old running around like energizer bunny. So... we called 911 a.k.a. our dear friend, Fonda, who live 10 minutes from our place to ask her help to watch Max for about 2 hours or so. Being a sweet friend that she is, she enthusiastically answered, "No problem. I'd love to" *Fiuhhh....* It turned out to be a wonderful evening for the four of us. Mommy & daddy got 2 hour rest while Max & Fonda had a lot of fun.

And O..o. Max got his first scholarship that night. Auntie Fonda was smitten by Max so much that she offers to give him piano lessons. Yay!!! Thank you so much, Fonda. We can't ask for a better piano teacher. *muachhh... muachhh....*


  1. How nice ya, Kiki, to have such lovely friends. Kamu memang cinta baby ya dari kecil ... that's a nice gift!

  2. Iya Van, they are such a sweet blessing indeed.