Grace Filled Trip - Part 1

Saturday, January 8, 2011

We just came back from a long awaited trip a little over a week ago; a trip that almost got canceled at the last minute due to Max's sickness. Three days before we're scheduled to leave, Max started to cough; followed by having fever the next night. I sent an e-mail to friends and family asking for their prayer support. We were planning for a road trip to San Diego and a visit to our dear friends, the Ostby Family.

A day before the trip, Max temperature was still a bit warm in the morning and he had nose congestion too so he was having trouble sleeping. We decided to cancel our hotel reservation since it requires 24 hours cancellation prior to the day of arrival in order to get the full refund. We also called the Ostby to let them know that we won't be coming. They immediately lifted us in prayers.

You know what happened afterward? Max wake up from his nap in the afternoon full of energy, back to his playful self. He was still coughing but no longer weak, congested, or having fever so we thought hmmm... let's see if still has the same deal for the hotel and they did!
So the trip's back on. Yay!!! Thank you, Lord!

Deep inside, we really wanted to go especially to visit the Ostby. Sue's condition is getting worse. Her rare form of Parkinson's disease continues to slowly take away her motion, speech, and balance. (Google "MSA Shy Drager" for details.) If not now, we never know when we will have chance to meet her again.

The Ostby is one of the families whom God use to inspire us on how to live our life and raise a family who loves and faithfully serves the Lord.

Dana & my boys

Here is Sue having to communicate with us using ipad since she lost her ability to speak.

I love how their home is filled with warm love, homemade arts, and words of encouragement

The girls were teaching the aunties (Nana, Fonda, & Natnat who were going with us) how to make paper snowflakes

Auntie Nana's showing off her creation

Their youngest child, Alisha, I still remember her praying for me when I was pregnant with Max.

Karis, the oldest, just spent 4 months ministering to the village kids in Indonesia.

And Nicko, a little boy who has grown up to be a man after God own heart.

Can't thank God enough for allowing us to go and having a blessed time with this Godly family.

"The Lord will give strength to His people;
The Lord will bless His people with peace." 
Psalm 29:11