20 Months Max

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

At 20 soon to be 21 Months, our Roti Boy (that's what we call you since you loves bread so much) is:

You likes to sing, dance, scream, and laugh such a jolly little fella.
a super curious
little boy who like to observe, touch, explore, and experience everything

sensitive to others' need & very helpful
. Whenever you sees mommy picking up dirt on the carpet, you would run to the kitchen to get our vacuum cleaner. Ours is a hand-held vacuum but still it's heavy. You have to use two hands to carry it. I'm so touched!

a good eaterSince you recovered from sickness, your appetite has recovered too. You have been eating and eating and eating. And O.. did I mention you are eating on your own? 

a spirited toddler
I read "The Happiest Toddler on the Block", in which the author divide kids temperament into 3 categories: Easy, Shy, and Spirited. I then asked Chris to guess, which category Max falls into; without asking for further description, he answered "very spirited". And he's absolutely right. Here is the description of a spirited child the book: fidgets a lot and very active, spirited/ passionate, persistent, easily distracted and accident-prone, impatient, first reaction to new people: either delight or rejection, very sensitive to smells.

You will wail, cry, and scream when he does not get want he wants but thank God you are pretty easily distracted.

a friendly little boy. Every time we went out to eat or shop, You would wave and say "hi" to waitress, cashier, or strangers who greet him - provided you are in a good mood. You knows how to say please, thank you, good night, bye, hi, i love u, etc...

loving your Bible; you would flip around the pages then pointing and calling things like: bobok (sleep), pray, sleep, horse, sheep, pig. I didn't realize there are so many animals in the Bible until I start reading your Bible.

absorbing information like sponge:
- You knows different animal sounds: duck, dog, snake, bird, frog, sheep, pig, cow. Some of the alphabets.
- know when we told you to put things back on its place and obey us when we told him not to pick up things on the grocery store/ libraries. I have to say it takes consistent discipline in our part to help you develop this habit.
- can tell us what to do: sit, sleep, eat, etc...

- poop 99% on the potty
- pee 50% on the potty
- know you got to pee before going to sleep and can pick up the potty from the bath room. 

You like to watch me whenever I pour the pee into the toilet, wash it, then wipe it with the toilet paper. One day I left you sitting on the potty to quickly grab something. When I came back I saw you pick up your potty, which was filled with his pee, pour it on the toilet, flush the toilet, roll out toilet paper, then wipe the potty with it. I was so proud as I watch him from behind. Never mind the fact that you didn't open the toilet cover first before you poured out your pee, meaning your pee was all over the toilet & bathroom floor instead of inside the toilet. Ah.... the joy of motherhood

We love you, Max. Mama and papa pray that you continue to grow and "be strong in the grace that is in Christ Jesus." - 2 Timothy 2:1


  1. Oh hahaha, I love the toilet cover story. Maxieeeeeeeeeeeee, muach muach, Sayang!

  2. happyyyy 20 monthhssss babyy i <3 u moree and moreee

  3. hahahaha kiki, that's too cute! (abt the toilet thing of course!)

  4. Kiki, that's so touching ... the joy of motherhood :)

    I love the way you enjoy Max and how he enjoys you both too, and how you allow him freedom to learn, even when it may mean more works for you. I thank God for the loving godly family you are. Such an inspiration.

    Lucu banget yang foto mukanya nangis, Ki.

  5. Thank you for your loving words, sisters!
    @Vanini: TQ for the words of encouragement. You are too sweet! I learn A LOT from you too.