Bread Making Part 1: Sausage Bread

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

When Max and I were sick I was bored not being able to go out and about, so I thought of making bread inspired by our cousin, Ing2 & Yossi's recipe here.

Thanks to Papa who bought the wrong flour one day (bread flour instead of cake flour); we got all the ingredients we need to make the sausage bread.

Of course my kaypoh boy wants to be involved :)

He sat on the kitchen counter for 15 minutes watching Kitchen Aid knead the dough

And the result. Ta da....

Pardon my funny looking bread this is my first one after all. The bread taste good though the texture wasn't perfect yet - I need more practice. =D Thank you for the inspiration post, Yosta! :)

Update on this bread


  1. Wow, hebaaaaaaaaat lho! Baking bread!!!! I think they look good!

  2. Thank you, Van! My dear Kitchen Aid mixer is the one who does most of the hard work :)