Talking Max-ie

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Before Max even born, we knew that he won't be a quiet kid. Why? both Chris and I are not quiet. Sure enough Max started talking when he turned one. Our house rarely quiet when he's around except when he's asleep or eating.

I have been asking Max to kiss the baby by kissing my belly.
One day I asked him, "Max, what is this?" (pointing at my belly)
He replied, "ndut" (= fat)

Baju (Clothes)
Chris was feeling hot after cooking so he took off his shirt. Upon seeing papa without any clothes on, Max immediately run to grab a piece of clothes from his drawer. Then he ran to Papa and ask him to put in on. Thank you dear but your shirt is way too small for Papa.

Koko Max-ie
At times I still call him baby when I forget but he quickly corrected me.
Mommy, "Baby, come here, we have to go."
Max-ie, " No Baby.... Koko Max-ie!"

Mama goes to work?
Max understands that whenever Papa is not around, Papa is at work (gong zhuo).
This morning when he wake up and couldn't find Papa; he says, "Mama, Papa 'gong zhuo' "
Yes, Max, Papa goes to work. Then I asked him, " Mama 'gong zhuo' too okay?"
Immediately he replied, "No mama noooo sama Max-ie aza" *with teary eyes* (translation = no mommy no, mommy stays with Max-ie)

He has consistently said, "Thank you!", when we gave him something and "Bless you!" whenever he hears us sneezed. =)