Garbage Bin Cover

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Earlier this year, I asked Joana if I can borrow her mom' sewing machine for a month. Her mom wasn't here yet so no body used the machine then. I made a deal with hubby if I did able to make something with it then he'll buy me a sewing machine.
We have this used yogurt bin that we used for garbage can on our kitchen counter. I thought I can make a cover for it. So that became my first sewing project:


After :)


  1. Aku pengen belajar sewing juga nih.. susah ga Ci? Sewing machine yang bagus apa ya?

  2. It's so much FUN. Aku belajar dari pinjem buku2 sewing di library, Vick. Regarding the machine, it's depend on your need and preference. I read a lot of sewing forum on the web, tried Brothers and Singer; computerized vs. manual before finally decide to by computerized sewing machine merk Janome - after reading good reviews about it. I bought the refurbished one at because the new one is too expensive for me. So far I really like it.