One Thousand Gifts continues...

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Photo taken by Nana

Click here to see the previous list of my one thousand gifts - watching, recording, and naming all the sweet little gifts that God bestows each and every day

I give thanks for:
29. Super yummy Rolled Pandan Cake from Kumala just in time when our kitchen faucet was broken and Chris banned me from cooking or baking until it got fixed. What a perfect timing!
30. A working kitchen faucet from the Dirga Family. That weekend, Liony e-mailed to let me know that her son was sick so she couldn't come over to our place. I told her I have to postpone our get together too 'till our kitchen faucet got fixed. Then she replied, "I have a barely used kitchen faucet that I don't use in the garage. Just come and pick it up if you want." She happened to renovate her kitchen couple months ago and replaced her just-one-year-old-faucet with new one to fit the design of the new kitchen. Called it's coincidence but we say, it God's providence. I kept shaking my head that night. What an awesome God have I; even a kitchen faucet He provides!
31. Auntie Fonda's recovery from sickness. Yay!!!
32. My sweet husband for taking Max to library for couple hours  that way I can enjoy some time alone and  listen to a sermon that I missed.
33. Our "local" families who always open their doors for us to come/ stop by, while we live so far away from our immediate family.
34. Our health
35. The rain and cold weather that remind us to be thankful for the shelter He provides.
36. Delicious Indonesian snacks: bika ambon and lemper, which we missed and was able to enjoy last week.
37. Friends whom we can share a laugh, meals, and good time with.
38. The Sunday School teachers and helpers for teaching and watching the children so that the parents can worship without being disturbed.
39. Delicious meatloaf  I just cooked. Thanks to The Pioneer Woman for sharing the recipe! :)
40. A husband who can cook
41. Fonda who babysit Max that way we can go for a lunch date and mission conference in SF.
42. The Lai's family and their faithfulness in serving and obeying the Lord.
43. Nana who took time to take our 2nd maternity pictures including the one above.
44. Gift card for Yeye that save me 50% on much needed nursing bras
45. Yeye and friends who took over our volunteer turn that way we got chance to take the maternity pictures.
46. My exuberant kid who always come up with silly action and words to make us laugh.

"My God will meet all your needs according to the riches of his glory in Christ Jesus. 
To our God and Father be glory for ever and ever. Amen." Philippians 4:19-20


  1. love the picture ki =) good job nana!

  2. cannot waittt to see the resttt of the pics :)

  3. i thankk God for you and your family as welll ciii *hugssss*

  4. Nice pic, Nana!

    Kiki, I admire your sewing projects!! Wowowow!!

  5. Thank you sisters!
    Annettooo, I kept forgetting to bring fabric frisbee for you aiyaya...