Spring Cleaning: Project Simplify #1

Saturday, March 12, 2011

I started reading simplemom.net since I was searching information on cloth diapering for Max. Since then I have been reading her blog posts regularly through google reader. This week, the author, Tsh, is launching a new series: Project Simplify, which purpose to tackle five different areas in our homes for 5 weeks. I don't think I will be joining the whole 5 weeks since Baby W will be here soon. However, since I am in the middle of organizing Max & Baby W's clothes storage anyway, I thought I might as well working on the hot spot#1: my closet

The left part of my closet - Before

The left part of my closet - After:

The right part of my closet: After
The Before photo came up blurry so no before picture on this one. :(
The bottom storage hold my undies and socks. 
We don't wear our shoes inside the house so we store them in the garage.

Ooo... I like these closet organizer stuffs so much that I have to share it with you. Found those things at the Container Store a while ago. We usually hang our-used-yet-still-clean-clothes on those hook that way they are out of sight inside the closet doors.

Three other things I found to be useful as well are: scarves (above), belts & ties hanger (below) inside Chris' closet:

My cleaning/ purging/ sorting's rule:
Anything that no longer fit/ has hole/ stained/ has not been used for a year or more got to be donated or tossed/ re-purposed (into rags or other things). 

I took the buttons from those on the toss piles 

About once a month, a local charity comes by our complex to pick up small household donation so this bag is waiting for them to pick up. :)