When I Need A Little Pick Me Up

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Things I do when I need a little pick me up:

a. Play/ Sing Worship Song. I just learned last year how to make a playlist on youtube *so late - I know!*. =P So I made one playlist for myself, one for Max, some instruments/ piano playlist for quiet time, etc...

b. Pray

c. Listen to semon. Mostly from Sovereign Grace Ministry and  Mars Hill Church

d. Read good books. My favorite ones can be found here

e. Go out and enjoy God's creation

f. Call/ meet good friends. 

g. Take a warm shower

h. Sew - This is not for everybody of course. I know some friends who enjoy baking/ cooking/ exercising.

Now it's your turn; What works for you?


  1. CiKiki, I'm not sure if you have your baby already.But, praying for you to have smooth delivery and recovery :)

  2. Not yet, Canthini. Thank you for praying! You can add me on FB. We'll everybody know when Wesley is out :)