Tips For Teacher

Sunday, November 27, 2011

I recently read this book written by Ron Clark, the winner of 2001 Disney Teacher of the Year Award.

I think it's a great reading for any teachers or parents. I don't have the book but our local library do :) At the end of the book he gave these tips for working with children:

1. Kids need and like structure
To create structure in the classroom, you have to create structure in the classroom, you have to have clear, defined rules, and you have to make the students feel safe and comfortable.

2. Kids will work hard for you, if they like who you are as a person.
Do anything to get their attention, no matter how foolish it makes me look or how embarrassing it may be. Be willing to do whatever it takes to get through to the students.

3. Kids like to know what is expected of them
It’s unrealistic to expect kids to automatically behave exactly as you hope they will. No matter who is the child is, if you explain exactly what you want from him and exactly how you hope he will act, then he will try his best to perform up to your standards.

4. Kids like to know they are cared for.
Before they are willing to invest effort in what you are saying, they want to know you are willing to make an investment in them. Once you have done that, dealing with kids is a much easier, more productive, and more meaningful experience.