Great Reads

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

These three articles made me pause, think, reflect, and pray:

Too Busy @Gracefull Mama:
She wrote: "When my oldest, Britton, was just a wee one, I was given a tape {yes, a tape!} on the seasons of motherhood by Beverly Bradley.  That tape changed the course of my mothering from then ’til now.  She told how she was a highly involved pastor’s wife, serving on committees, heading a homeschool group, speaking out for the unborn at rallies, etc.
One day, as she was in the midst of serving all of these other people, her son asked why they were always busy and she rarely had time to spend playing with him.  It broke her heart. The next day she went and resigned from all the good ministry. Were they good, important things? Yes, but she did not want to waste the precious time she had to invest in her kid’s hearts.

Those ministries were better left, she decided, for another season in life. She went home to tell her son what she had done. He was already in bed, so she rubbed his back and told of her decision. He started weeping and whispered quietly, thank you. Click here to read the rest of her writing

Motherhood Is a Calling (And Where Your Children Rank) by Rachel Jankovic

Training Our Boys To be Men by Ann Dunagan