My soon to be 3.5 Years Max

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Dear Max,

You turned three last August. What a sweet blessing you are to our family.

Before your birthday, you saw a Thomas cake and requested mama to make one for you. I told you I don't think I can but you can ask Kudhe if she would be willing to. Kudhe said, "yes." after you gave her 10 kisses. What a blessed boy you are! The cake looks so real that you tried to move it like it's a toy and didn't allow us to cut it 'till the next day.

You became a big brother 4 months before your third birthday. Since the beginning, you've been a gentle and loving toward Wes. Of course there were times when you're fighting with Wes over something, but after mama reminded you to love others as you want to be loved you'd quickly realized you're wrong and apologize to Wes.

Whenever you smile, your eyes are smiling too and it light up the whole room. Keep smiling, dear, it brings joy to others.

The other day after reading book with Papa, you come to me saying, "Mama when I grow up, will I have hair on my legs like Papa? I want to be to grow up to be BIG like papa, ma."
I hugged you tight. "No, I don't want you to grow up too soon, baby."
"I am not baby, ma. I am Koko Maxie. Baby Wesley is sleeping."

I was combing your growing hair to the side, then you look at the mirror saying, "Maxie looks like Opa." Opa is Marcel's dad. (He was spending quite a few time with Marcel's parents while they were in town.)

Last October you have to say farewell to your buddy Zach, who moved back to Indo for good. You kept hugging him even the airport guard didn't have the heart to tell you to back off because you were in passenger only line. Whenever you saw an airplane in the air, you would say, "Is Zach inside the plane ma? Zach is gone to Indonesia? So far far away?"

You are cautious little boy ever since you were little. You always want to be in control so you're not fond of swing or slide but when you finally have the courage to slide down or ride on swing, you don't ever want to leave and want to do it again and again.

Ever curious, non stop talker. You understand both Indonesian and English. It's funny when papa and mama talk, you suddenly jump into our conversation. :)

You loves books very much and I love the fact that you got mommy's addiction to books.

The other day we went to Akong and Ama's house to get a hair cut:

You wants to sit down all by yourself.

You remained calm and carefully follow Ama's instructions:

I cried when I saw the above pictures. I remember just a little while ago you were this small:

You love helping mama:

And lately you are into cutting:

Now you can correct us and give us advise. For instance:  when Papa was putting back your Thomas toy you told him, "Not there, Pa. Put it inside the table." :)

The other day, you were doing his business inside the bath room, I then closed the door loosely. You told me, "mama tutup yg bagus nanti Wesley bisa masuk." (= close it tight mama, otherwise Wesley can come in.)

Just this morning, I bumped into a chair in the dining room. You asked, "Are you okay, ma? Next time walk carefully okay!" Haha.. wait a minute I usually the one who said that phrase.

My jolly and creative little boy. Oh how I love and honored to be your mom.

Love you very much,


  1. omyyyy! my eyes are teary reading this :'( i'm proud of you koko maxie, anty miss you so much!!! Mama papa did a great job *hugsss* i like the "opa" hair hehehe :D

  2. Awwwww we miss u so muach auntie Nana *HUGS*