How we do cloth diapering - Part 2

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

->How about the poop?
Since Wesley can now do #2 on the potty, I no longer worry about the poop (I started early on potty training the #2). Before that, I used disposable diaper liner (you can throw this into the toilet along with 'the result')

->How do you clean them?

Cotton Babies has posted a good information about washing cloth diaper here
The way I do it:

-Take out the insert, but if it's number 2 ...
-Throw the poop first along with disposable liner and clean any remaining with bidet (we got ours from ebay just search for diaper sprayer), brush and all purpose cleaner:
-Then throw them in a lined diaper pail (even so I still can smell the stinky diaper so I put ours at the front patio)

Closer look:
-Then about every 4 days or when I almost run out, I dump all contents of the bin including the liner into the washing machine.
-Many websites recommend using special laundry detergents like Charlie's Soap but I just use regular liquid laundry detergent that our family use and it works fine. I did have problem with residue though when using a powder one most likely because we have water softener in our home.
In case you can't read the instruction in the picture I wrote:
a. Run the washer on prewash cycle
b. Choose 'small'  load and 'hot'
c. Dissolve 1/4 cup of vinegar (optional - I no longer use this) and a little bit of soap
d. Turn the water temperature to 'cold'
- Afterward run the washer again on regular cycle on 'hot'
-After it's done, it's time to dry. You can just toast them in the dryer but we air dry ours on drying racks. I got this one from Costco:
My favorite is the 'Octopus' one that my mom brought from Indonesia when Wesley was born. It should be available in any Chinatown or Asian market:
Sometimes on the second cycle I add some socks. :)

-Then I throw the dried diapers on the drier for 5 minutes - I skip this step if the weather is dry or hot enough.

-Put the liner back inside the diaper:
-Fold the diaper, put them in the dresser and it's ready to be used:

-> How to use it?

Put it on the baby just as you put on a regular diaper:

Don't forget to kiss the baby when you are done

That's it!

I hope you find this to be helpful. Let me know if you have further question. 


  1. Me want to kiss the baby at the end too ... but your baby, Ci, for now hehehe. Can or no can????

    Tadi liat Manny lho ... kepalanya dah di bawah ... ngadep ke kanan (so ndee on my left side) ... and kakinya pas di bawah rib aku sebelah kanan ... jadi sekarang kalo mau kitikin kakinya gampang...deket hahaha.

  2. of course can but you can't 'pau-pau' him yet until Manny is out. Ooo so excited. I got to get our camera gear ready at all times now for 911 call :)