A Little Change and 11+ Months

Friday, March 9, 2012

Some of you may noticed a little change on this blog: the title. The original title was: Our Journey with God, Friends and Family. When I started this blog, it was meant to be my personal blog to update our family who live half way across world from us. However, due to the slow internet there, it takes too long for the page to upload and soon my mom who used to be the sole reader of this blog (besides me) gave up and no longer visiting.

Thankfully, there are other technology: picasa, dropshots, facebook, and skype so my mom is still very much up to date with our family latest news. For instance, when I told her that Wesley can now climb the stairs, her response was, "I know! I already saw the video." :)

Anyway, throughout the years, I grow and the vision for the blog evolves, I decided that "Choosing to Cherish" would be better suited title of this blog (as for now... who knows I might change it again later. ;)) Rest assured, nothing else change although there were times that I did consider to quit blogging, change the blog from public to private, or else but thanks to my husband' support (he has been a faithful silent reader of this blog)  and your sweet and encouraging e-mails/comments, I keep blogging here and there.

Now moving on to another change: Wesley is now 11 Months, a few days shy from his first birthday.

Here is my cool baby. Both Chris and I smile a lot so we often wonder where he got his serious outlook from:

He is happy when he is out and about. His current favorite things to do is pulling books off the shelves.

Check out his chubby feet: YUM... YUM...

Busy... busy...

I put him inside an empty container one day then Max came and dumped the other toys inside saying, "Mama, Wesley is a big baby toy." :))

Happy 11 Months, Wes! We're all crazy about you *Mwahhhh*

PS: I didn't buy the bib on the last picture. It was a hand me down so the statement is not true because daddy is a super duper neat guy. I still put it on because it's one of two bibs we own that's use snap as fastener instead velcro, which Wesley could easily take off.  


  1. i lovee the chubbyy feettt hihihihii

  2. love love wes' chubby feet too :D :D i wanna eat it hehehe ...