10 Things We Spend Extra Money

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

A few months ago, Dave ramsey posted 7 Items that he thinks worth to spend a little extra. I found it to be interesting. For us, here are 10 things that we thought worth to splurge or spend a little extra money on:

1. Food. Thanks to my healthy neighbors' influence, we've been buying more organic local produces from the farmer's market. For the meat, we like to buy in bulk from Costco then divided them into small portions in ziplock bags.  

2. Quality clothing. I used to buy only cheap or on sale clothing items until I married Chris. Over the years I learned that it's better to buy a few but good quality (within budget) clothes that I use often rather than low quality that wears out too soon.

3. Camera equipment. Chris and I (and now Max too) love taking pictures and do so often so we thought this is a good investment for us. 

4. Chevron gasoline. Again, Chris is the one who got me into this. He said, "a little bit more expensive but we can feel the difference when we drive." I don't mind especially since we own some Chevron stocks on our Roth IRA. :P

5. Comfortable Bed. We spend 8 hours each day on it so we thought it worth it to spend extra money on especially since it saves our back from hurting. We got ours from Amazon.

6. High speed internet connection. Do you know you can ask the company to match the price from their competitors? We're supposed to pay $39.99 but because I call them asking if the would match the offer we got from their competitor, we got the price down to $19.99

7. Books So thankful we have local libraries otherwise our spending on books will be off the charts.  

8. Good hair cut (within budget). I spend twice the amount of money that I spend if I cut my hair at the cheapest salon but both hubby and I are happy with the result and good hair cut can last me 6 months or so.

9. Kitchen utensils. We learned that good kitchen utensils makes cooking and baking easier and more enjoyable, which result in less eating out.  Don't believe me? Imagine you have to cut a chicken, aren't you happier if you got a sharp instead of dull knife? We even brought our own knifes when we volunteer at the homeless shelter. We listed our favorite kitchen tools here

10. Amazon Prime Membership. For $7 per month we got 2 days shipping, free instant steaming on some videos, and borrow some kindle books. 

What are some items you think are worth an extra money?

Next week I'll wrote 10 things that we don't buy or pay for