A love for learning

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Practical life skills: scrambling eggs:
Drawing with flour and salt

Watching how washing machine works:

Hands on learning

Max loves to learn about animals. He is the one who keep asking us about animals facts. I took advantage of his interest to teach him other things as well like math (by counting his animals on the book, counting his animal toys, etc) and geography. I first taught him, where certain animals live. For instance, gorilla lives in Africa, Komodo Dragon lives in Indonesia and so on. Now, when we show him the world map, he is able to show us: Africa, Australia, Arctic, The U.S, Indonesia, China...

And for my littlest guy. It's never too early to learn:

Drinking from the bottle: 

Eating with spoon. He loves holding spoon {i guess it makes him feels like a grown up} although he usually ended up picking up the food with his other hand. :)
Turning on the blender 
Figuring out how to stick those magnets on the fridge

"We are to help the child develop a love for learning." Charlotte Mason


  1. Ki, I'm really impressed with the amount of time and energy that you and Chris put into molding your children! They are so blessed and lucky! Keep up the great work!

    RE: washing machine lesson
    Wes looked like he was planning to jump in and play with the water yah! or maybe he wanted to hand-wash the clothes himself...hahaha

    RE: drawing/writing with salt & flour. Why does it have to be a mixture of both? will it make a difference if you just use one of the two? Does the combination of both make for better texture to write/draw on?

  2. Thank you for the encouragement dear.
    Re the drawing thingy... I got the idea from pinterest. The original idea is to use only salt but I learned that I have to use lots of salt so I added flour. Using flour only should works.
    Btw, i think you need to start blogging looks like you have a gift of writing :)

  3. Haha, thanks Ki :). Actually, I've been thinking about it recently. I think all the "yelping" really helped my writing lol.