Vanilla Ice Cream

Monday, June 4, 2012

We love vanilla ice cream. We eat it with pie, blend it with smoothies, or eat it as is. I like this homemade version because I can reduce the amount of sugar, use real vanilla bean, and organic products.

Recipe can be found here  


  1. Ki,

    Itu di costco vanilla bean dijualnya di section apa & bentuknya kayak apa ya? In a bottle? box? loosely tied? Where are other places where you can buy the beans?

    btw, I know David (Lebovitz) recommend not to use ultrapasteurized heavy cream, but in a pinch, that one works for me :).

  2. Yen, I think it's a seasonal product. Sometimes they sell it sometimes they don't. When they do, they put it among the yeast, flour, sugar, etc...Here is the image I found from the web:

    The first time I made ice cream I used ultra-pasteurized but it doesn't smell or taste that great even Max refused to eat mommy's ice cream. :(
    I consulted Bertha then she told me NOT to use the ultra pasteurized heavy cream. She was right. My ice cream taste much better and doesn't smell funny anymore.