Growing and Learning

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Update on our two precious blessings:

The big brother turned 4 last month. He continue to acquire new skills and grow in his character,  knowledge, and understanding. We couldn't be prouder of him.

He helps out a lot around the house: picking up the toys, sorting the utensils, carrying groceries, watching and playing with his brother,.

He has a kind, sensitive, and giving heart. Sometimes, I share some ice creams or cookies to my neighbors and he loves to be the one who give them away. These year we watched Dolphin Tale, Big Miracle, Turtle Tale but they're all too intense for him. He cried while watching all three movies. We have to hug and assured him that the animals will be okay at the end. *spoiler alert* We didn't know one of the Gray Whales in Big Miracles would die so when it happened, he was very sad. I don't think watching movie is fun for him. It's not my thing either. We're too involved emotionally. =D

He started going to a Christian Chinese preschool for two times a week. This is the first time ever he go to school or class {besides Awana or Sunday School}. The other three days, I teach him at home. I was praying for a Chinese school but I don't want the weekend one because we don't want to lose precious time with Papa. So I asked my Chinese neighbor if she knows any weekday Chinese school and she told me about this one. It turned out to be a Montessori, Christian, home-based Chinese preschool run by a gentle and godly lady. We couldn't ask for more. God knows what's best for him. 
As for my littlest man, Wes

He 17 going on 18 months, growing and perfecting his skills on:

and table manner:

Daddy started taking him biking while Koko at school and giving mommy a little break {thank you my love! mwahhh}:

Wes doesn't talk much yet but he understands A LOT. When we mentioned the word, "ice cream", he would go to kitchen and try to open the freezer. When we say "eek"? {translation = poo}, he would go to bath room and grab his potty. When he hears us mentioned the word "go", he would immediately grab his shoes and ask us to put them on. Often, he would grab our shoes and his big brother's as well if we don't move fast enough.

He can be quite dramatic too sometimes. Below is what happened when I took his pear to take out the seed:
*picture credit to auntie Fonda*

then a few second later:
so like his momma :)

He is into stickers lately:

and climbing:

and brooms
Need help on cleaning your house anyone?

He has been helping me with some chores. {If you read through a reader/ e-mail; you may need to go to our blog to see the videos below}

Life in our house is always loud, messy, and crazy at times. I wouldn't trade it with anything.

"Parents, your kids delight in your smile. 
They need your wisdom;
You are a source of life 
and strength to them in a way no on else ever be." ~ quote taken from a DaySpring Card


  1. Precious, precious ... I love this post. Maxie, your parents train you so well, ooooh what a serving husband you'd be!!!! *love

    I am especially touched with what you wrote "you wouldn't trade it with anything". I feel the same. Thank God for the privilege indeed.

  2. awwwwwww didi with the pear is too cuteeee :) kokoooo don't grow up tooo fastttttt...

  3. @Vanini: TQ sweet aunties. When are you coming to visit us?
    @Nana: just realized when reading your comment that it was a peach not pear :) *HUGS*

  4. haha yak ampun si wesley. Aku baca ini pas di meeting and I chuckled by accident pas liat fotonya Wes nangis sambil makan peach (ga sadar lagi meeting). Lucu....

  5. @Bertha: Hahaha that's crazy, Kudhe. Chris said the meeting must be boring. ;)