Max's Preschool Learning Plan

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

{The map on the left is leap frog world map and the one on the right is a world map puzzle}

Earlier this year as I began planning Max's preschool learning plan I was confused as where should I start. Chris and I prayed, attended homeschooling conferences, read books, talked with other homeschoolers but I still felt inadequate and overwhelmed. Then God reminded me why we want to homeschool and I came across FiveJs' website that gave practical ideas on homeschooling the early years

As I started gathering the learning materials {mostly from what we already have at home and the library}, I feel excited, humbled, fear, and nervous at the same time. I love teaching from the very young to the college ages so I am very grateful for opportunity and privilege to teach my own kids. We take schooling one year at a time. We'll continue to pray and evaluate how it works for us and the kids year by year. As for now, Max will continue to attend Chinese School 2 times a week and learn at home the other days.

Thankfully, I read FiveJs post about Scope and Sequence prior to planning my own. The Scope and Sequence below is only used as flexible guidance. I want my children to love learning, learn at their own pace, follow their interests, and learn important life skills.

Resources Books for us {the parents/ teachers}:

Max's Preschool Learning Plan:
Bible: Bible reading using: The Story For Little One and Wee Sing Bible Songs 
Math: Counting 1-20, learn about hour, simple addition and subtraction
Reading: Teaching Reading and lots of reading aloud {mostly from the library}. Some good books list
Chinese: exposure and daily conversation
Practical Life - daily chores, learning life skills
Writing: penmanship, drawing, cutting, art & craft ( lots of ideas from pinterest)

The numbers chart was from Three R's book and I made the subjects lesson plan on Microsoft Words with images from google. I then laminated them that way Max can mark it with erasable marker and wipe it off when we start a new day.

Name: _______________

Today I did:


Practical Life






"Good parents give their children Roots and Wings. 
Roots to know where home is, 
Wings to fly away and exercise what's been taught them." Dr. Jonas Salk

A sweet friend shared this above quote. Prayerfully, we can be that parents who give our kids strong roots as their foundation and wings to fly.

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