Miscellany Saturday

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Hola! We just came back from a blessed trip to South California. Got to spend time with a lovely family friends and checking out Max's favorite animals again. So very grateful but I feel depleted lately fighting the third cold in 5 weeks. I miss singing, reading aloud, kissing hubby and the kiddos, eating anything other than soup. Then, I saw these series of pictures, which makes me smile so I thought I shared them with you:

Fonda came by our place on Saturday. We chatted in the kitchen when the kiddos played in the living room. Then we realized it's been quiet for a little while so she checked on the kids and found out that the little monkey had been busy ransacking her bag.

Lesson learned: never leave bag unattended in our house

Kitchen Happening:
I have been making homemade noodle lately thanks to our cousin who kindly lend us her pasta maker attachment:

I slept early one night because I didn't feel well; didn't get chance to clean the kitchen and washed the dishes. The next morning I was greeted with a clean kitchen and lovely note on top of clean dishes courtesy of my thoughtful husband.

We have a beautiful flower plant outside but somehow never thought of bringing the flower inside 'till lately:

The proof that our produce from the Farmer Market doesn't have pesticide:

Max loves to sleep in the tent so much that Papa made another tent for him in his room. Lucky boy, he got to sleep in a tent every single day:

It's turned out to be useful too because his room is much cooler than ours so sleeping inside the "tent" keep him warm and cozy during the cold night.

Our point and shoot broke. Chris was trying to fix it but it can't be saved. :(

The seventh orphan kid that we sponsored have graduated from High School. Woohoo! It's a privilege and blessing to be able to help others. We sponsored the orphans kids through Jubilee Campaign.

I was about to throw away this receipt but the sweet note caught my eyes:

I bought many personalized CD {like one song on Max's birthday video} for my friend's kids from this site.  but on the last one they pronounced the child's name incorrectly. I thought it would be a hassle to ask for a replacement but they immediately send the correct CD. Yay for a great service.

That's it from me. Have a blessed week!

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