The Ministry of Motherhood - Part 1

Thursday, October 25, 2012

I don't want to write this post. I want to post recipes and miscellany things of our daily life but I laid awake on my bed in the wee hour this morning. This thing has been in my heart and mind so I told God if He really want me to blog about this, keep me awake and keep the boys asleep. Let's see how far I can write...

When we recently got married, I started to notice that many moms of young kids at church are busy with their kids and no longer involved in ministries. I told myself {naively & judgmentally}: when I have kids, I don't want them to be hindrance in serving the Lord. Thankfully, God made us wait 4 years before he answered our prayers for a child because he taught me a lot during those waiting period.

It started with a visit to the house of a young mother. There I saw a piano.
I said to her, " I don't know that you can play piano."
"Yes I do", she replied. "I used to play for Sunday Service before I have kids."
"So why you're no longer playing?" I asked
She answered, "If I play, who will take care of my child? There are a lot of others who can play piano but not many who can look after my child."
She has a child with autism. Most people including me have no clue how to handle him. Sure her situation might be different than most but her answer got me thinking.

Not too long after we talked to a young man whose parents heavily involved in ministries. He, however, doesn't follow their way of life. He came to us one day just to chat and share and during that time we asked, "Why didn't you talk about this to your parents?" He answered, "I am not close to my mother. She's always busy with her ministries. I don't want to bother her with "my stuff". "

The same thing happened to another bright young man. When I told him, "Your parents must miss you." He answered, "I doubt it, they have many ministries to keep them busy and are more important than me."

On the other hand, I know a mother of 5. She was blessed with lots of gift and talents but during the years when his kids were young and at home, she focused on supporting his husband and nurturing those little souls. When the children were all grown up and faithfully serving the Lord, she then start writing and publishing books. Her book was among the first Christian books I read that made me fall in love with reading and influenced my view on homemaking. She is Ruth Bell Graham, the wife of Evangelist Billy Graham, the mother of Anne Graham Lotz and Franklin Graham- the founder of Operation Christmas Child.

Not too long ago I came across this blog post:
Don't Waste Your Talents
Growing up I was a soloist in church. I was repeatedly reminded by older, well-meaning men and women, that I must “keep singing or I would lose my talent”....
But we miss the point. I was actually reminded not long ago, that since I’m not regularly singing in my church I may “lose my gift”. In other words, I’m “hiding” my talents like the naughty servant in the parable.

It was a sharp and painful reminder, again, of the lost view of the ministry of motherhood and all the opportunities the Lord gives a woman to serve her family, and the eternal Kingdom work that is precious in the sight of our Father who sees in secret.
As I knelt in the quiet dark of my children’s room, my five-year-old daughter whispered, “Mommy, sing to me.” And in a spontaneous moment, without any pressure of performance or critique, I softly began, “‘ ‘Tis so sweet to trust in Jesus, just to take Him at His Word….”
And I believe it was not wasted.

- To be continued: The Ministry of Motherhood - Part 2


  1. Oh this is great. I just purchased this book, and can't wait to finish it hoho... Thanks for sharing. Oh btw I've read cici's blog since months ago and i've been blessed. Loren

  2. Hi Loren! Thank you for your words of encouragement.