Letter to my kids: on driving

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Inspired by some books that I saw or read recently written by grandparents or parents to their kids. I thought on writing to my kids here on things I learned or want them to know or learn.

On Driving
Dear Max and Wes,

Max is 4.5 and Wes is almost 2 years old when mama wrote this.

This is mama's first letter to you. I hope you read it someday when you can read.
A few weeks ago we saw an accident when mama was driving to the fabric store. A car made a right turn without stopping and hit someone who was about to cross the street. I didn't see the whole thing but we heard people screaming and running toward the victim. The driver who hit the person came out of his truck then screamed, "NO...NO..." and put his hands on his head. I am sure he wished and prayed he could move back the time and do thing differently.

I cried and Max then asked mama, "Why do you cry, ma?" I don't know how much should I explain so I just answered, "Mama is sad because the auntie got hurt." In a matter of seconds lives changed. The victim may not be able to walk again; the driver would have to deal with his mistake emotionally and financially.

Max and Wes, when you are big enough to drive; promise me that you will drive carefully. Your Papa always tell mama that, "It's not worth it to drive too fast because the difference is only a few minutes. When you're late you're late. Don't speed! Just be sure you leave early next time so you won't be late again.

A little while ago, I heard about a young man who has to spend 1 year in a jail because he was speed driving with his friend. He hit someone and that person died. One precious life was cut short because one's careless act.  My professor used to say, "It's true that we can learn from our mistakes but it's better to learn from other people's mistake."
Dear sons, keep in mind that driving is a privilege so when you two are old enough to drive, do so carefully!

Your mama who love you so much.


  1. :) Kiki this is a very beautiful letter. Also...a great reminder for me to not to speed while driving :)