Our Playhouse

Friday, January 11, 2013

Recently, Chris and I decided to upgrade the kids playhouse:

Because the old play tent, which was made of one yard of fabric kept falling apart. Obviously, it can't handle my two active boys so I showed Chris an inspiration from Ann White's website. He took the challenge and make his own version that fits us better. :))

The after:

My handy hubby built and paint the wood frame while I sew the fabric from Ikea:

Closer look:

Today, Didi is giving you a tour to his play house. First, he is showing you how to get in:

Then, he is showing you that you can go out from the "window":

O oh..

Let's try it again:

Sometimes if you're a bit on the smaller size you may get stuck:

Last picture: inside of the playhouse/ tent/reading nook/ the boys' hiding place. We use the boys' baby crib mattress that they no longer use:

Hope you enjoy the tour. Now excuse me I have to help unstuck Didi  :)