When the water heater broke

Friday, January 25, 2013

Last month, our water heater broke. We didn't found out about it until we put the boys in the tub and they screamed because the water was so cold. I then wrapped them up with towels and played with them while daddy tried to figure out what's wrong with water heater.

Turned out one part of the water heater broke and we couln't get the replacement 'till the following week. However this boy of ours demanded his shower now. "Mau mandiiiiii!" = "I want shower!," he said

Then I thought, "I grew up in a third world country without water heater, surely we can survive without it." So here's what we did:

1. Move the water boiler to the bath room, fill it with water and wait 'till the water boils. If you don't have water boiler just boil the water in a big pot.

b. Prepare a bucket and a big cup or anything to scoop the water {we use water shovel from Asian Market :)}. Fill the bucket with about 1/3 hot water and 2/3 cold water. Adjust the water temperature accordingly

c. Then use the big cup to scoop the water and shower:

d. That's it. The kids are cleaned and happy:
 Thankfully, my super hubby was able to replace the broken part so we only have to do this routine for a few days.  This makes us be more grateful for hot water.